How To Pass Female Supervised Drug Test

Female Pass Supervised Drug Test

Supervised drug tests can be quite complicated, particularly when unaware of the substance you might have been exposed to.

This is why most people find it difficult to pass their urine drug test successfully.

Employees are required to carry out urine drug tests at crucial moments in their career, and it would be quite unfortunate if such employees flunked the drug test due to prohibited substances being found in their system. Also, we highly recommend you to read more about detox:


    However, you should not fret if you find yourself in such a position. There are ways you can ace your urine drug test as a female. If you have an upcoming urine drug test carried out under supervision, you have come to the right. We will walk you through how to pass your supervised urine drug test successfully. Although you should know that most of these methods are illegal, if you get it right, you can be part of most people that pull this off.


    What kinds of supervised drug tests exist?


    The first question you should be asking is why should there be a supervised collection of urine samples for drug testing? Over the years, test samples have been collected with little to no supervision; however, times are changing, and there are a number of ways to manipulate a drug test result, leading to the need for strict supervision. The reason behind the supervised collection of samples is to prevent tampering and swapping of the urine sample with fake pee.


    Supervised drug tests come in two forms, and it is very important to know the difference between them because being able to differentiate them will be pivotal to passing your supervised drug test.


    The two forms of supervised drug test are:

    • Drug tests carried out Under Direct Observation
    • (Monitored drug test)


    Drug tests are carried out Under Direct Observation.


    In this situation, you are followed by the supervisor into the stall, and you are closely watched on how you excrete the urine into the collection container. You should, however, note that a female supervisor can closely watch you. Therefore, altering your urine in this process can be a bit tricky.

    You should also note that you cannot be subjected to this condition if you are carrying out a drug test for the first time. You will only be subjected to this type of supervision if:


    • You have tested positive for a previous drug test or;
    • If you have a record of being caught manipulating your urine sample

    Unless you have been in these two situations before, your supervisors cannot directly observe you under any suspicions.


    Monitored Collection


    This is less stringent when compared to the directly observed method of drug test supervision. In this process of sample collection, all that the supervisor is required to do are;

    • Secure the room where the test is to be carried out and ensure that you are the only one in the room.
    • Pay special attention to note if there is any suspicion of tampering.

    However, it should be noted that the supervisor cannot follow you into the restroom while collecting your sample. This is what distinguishes the two methods of urine drug test supervision.


    Females pass supervised drug tests – are there differences between male and female experiences?

    Females who have been exposed to THC passing their supervised drug test can be extremely challenging compared to their male counterparts. Here are of some differences


    Male Female
    There are several kits available to hid the fake urine sample Difficulty in hiding the fake urine sample
    Males are more bold and calm when going for their test. Nervousness before the test can easily expose a female with a fake urine sample. This will make such females undergo strict scrutiny and supervision


    In what cases supervised drug tests may be used? Is it legal to demand to pass such a test?


    As stated earlier, you will only be required to carry out a strictly supervised drug test if your record shows that you have failed your previous drug test. Another instance is when you would be asked to undergo a supervised drug test when you attempted to cheat by using a urine substitution.


    As regards the legality of carrying out a supervised drug test, you should know by now that it is totally legal. This is already provided by the Supreme Court of the United States. However, although most states have legalized the use of Marijuana, employers still subject their employees to drug tests to maintain safety at work and prevent their workers from working under the influence of psychoactive substances.


    So, most companies have the legal power to ensure that an employeeÂ’s drug test is carried out under strict supervision, particularly in the case of an employee who has been caught in the past for manipulating her urine sample or have in the past tested positive for drugs.


    What alternatives of male tips can be used by women?


    The easiest way you can pass your drug test if you are female is to give your supervisor no reason for suspicion. In addition, you should try and stay calm and avoid being nervous. Once you are prepared mentally, every other procedure becomes easier.

    You can use several alternatives to pass your urine drug test. Some of these methods include;

    • Another personÂ’s urine – you can get someoneÂ’s pee and use it instead of yours. However, the downside is that you cannot be sure that the person you are using their pee in your place is also not exposed to a prohibited substance.
    • Your Urine – you can use your stored clean urine in place of your urine that might be rid of THC. The difficulty of using stored urine is that the freshness would be lost, and it can easily be detected to be stored up from its smell.
    • Fake or Synthetic Pee – this is the best way to pass urine drug test if you think you have been exposed to THC. There are several synthetic urine kits in various stores you can get, which you can swap with the real urine, and fortunately for you, they can hardly be detected. We will highlight some of the best synthetic urine kits you can get to pass your urine drug test. Many ask, is there any synthetic urine near me? Read on to find out.


    Quick Fix Synthetic Urine


    The Quick Fix Urine remains one of the leading fake urine you can use as an alternative to passing your urine drug test. What makes this product quite unique is the compact packaging. You can shelf it for two years after purchasing it. Then, all you have to do is reheat the bottle anytime you have a urine drug test. So, again, you can rely on this product, particularly when you have a short notice test.

    So regarding the question ‘what stores sell quick-fix synthetic urine near me?” feel free to browse their official website for more insight.


    You can also check some Reddit comments on how this product can help you.


    Quick Fix 6.2 Plus


    Just like the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, the quick fix plus contains all the exact components that can be seen in real urine. The only difference between these two products is the quantity. Many ask, “is there a quick fix plus synthetic urine near me?” The answer is Yes! You can get this product on their online store or other online stores.


    Monkey Dong


    This synthetic urine test kit is designed for males. It is designed in the form of a prosthetic penis capable of dispensing fake urine. Compared to other products, it is a bit pricey. However, it can get the job, particularly during drug tests carried out under strict supervision.

    Here is a comment on this product from a user


    Monkey Whizz

    This is one of the best fake pee kits you can use to pass your supervised drug test. However, it isn’t easy to detect because of how well discrete it is packaged. Nevertheless, you might try this product for a female because you easily conceal your beltline without anyone noticing its presence.


    How to Pass a DOT Drug Test with Fake Urine


    All you have to do is adhere strictly to the instructions. You should also try as much as possible to be calm because looking suspicious and nervous can easily give you away.


    How to cleanse your body before a drug test?


    If you are opportune to have prior notice of your test, there are several ways you can flush THC out of your system.


    Here are some natural ways to detox your body;


    • Reduce your sugar and salt intake
    • Exercise
    • Drink a lot of water; this is also known as flushing. However, be careful of water poisoning
    • You can use home remedies such as cranberry juice.

    You should note that although natural detox processes are legal, it takes longer to cleanse your body of THC. For the natural detox to work, you must regularly follow your routine.


    Detox Kits



    There are several detox products that are capable of cleansing your body within a limited time. Although when compared to the natural detox, they are a bit pricey. Here are some of the leading detox that you can use to pass your urine drug tests; Toxin Rid Detox kit, Stinger Detox Drink etc





    Altering your test sample is illegal. However, there are ways you can go about it without getting caught. All you need to do is get the right synthetic urine that you can work with and follow your instructions. If you can stay calm, that should be enough to help you pass your supervised drug test.

    To get fake urine, you can surf the internet by searching ‘the fake pee for drug tests Walmart.’ This will expose you to several other alternativ.


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